Marketing: So Many Choices, So Little Time

If you're like me, your always producing unique content. I produce long form articles for my blog, postcards for my farm, Facebook ads for my listings and website, mailers for expireds, tweets for Twitter, Videos for YouTube, and of course Newsletters for my e-mail list.  Yikes!  It's a wonder I have time to work with customers!  I've been thinking lately about how to save time in this area, and I caught a tip from someone.  Reuse, Reuse!


Don't let that content go to waste!

I started to think about how I could save time - AND maximize my content, and I realized that I'm WAY under-utilizing it. I did what I always do when I'm not organized enough - I went to the spreadsheet and started looking at things.  Here's what I came up with:


Collateral Facebook MailChimp Mailing Blog
Newsletter Yes Primary  Yes Yes
Just sold cards Yes Yes Primary Yes
Just listed cards Yes Yes Primary Yes
Blog Post Yes No? No. Primary

This grid has been cut for size, but you get the idea.  I put the pieces of collateral that I make, and tried to see if they could fit (or made sense) on all the platforms.  


There were a LOT of good ideas when I sat down and figured it out. And some really easy ones!  Here's one example.  From my postcards that I sent out - which are really nice - I took the proof and posted it on facebook.  That took maybe 30 seconds - and came out much better than probably any other Just Sold Facebook post I've done!


I also realized that I could Mail out my newsletters to expired and my Farm - for a great piece of content that I work pretty hard to make each quarter. 

How about you?

Do you have innovated cross posting strategies to increase engagement, decrease costs, and save time?  Share in the comments!