Time for an update on a very popular subject here on the blog.  Here is the latest chart on where the hottest selling areas are in Metrowest.  Here's a link to the the old chart.  The new chart is below



Well, there are some big changes from last time.


Congrats to Ashland on taking the top spot.  They were able to do that as the inventory dropped to a ridiculously low level - there were less than 30 homes for sale in the whole town.  Houses are moving quickly in Ashland, and prices will follow this spring. The top towns mostly exchanged places, but Holliston did well to move up to threaten the pack at that top.  Clinton also leapfrogged a number of towns, as their sales rate picked up.  Sudbury moved down, but it should be noted that there are two markets in Sudbury - the under $650K market and the market above that number.  Under $650, the market is very, very hot.  But there are so many luxury properties crowding the top - and they are not moving quickly - they are distorting the overall picture of what's happening in Sudbury.


A quick overview on the chart:

1) If you're at the top, that's where demand is strongest.  Sellers in these towns will see strong activity for almost any listing, and premium homes will get premium prices and lots of attention.  Buyers should be aware that in these towns, popular houses will sell quickly, and will often have multiple bidders.  These Hot Towns extend all the way to Framingham.

2) If you're at the bottom, that's where demand is weakest.  Buyers will generally find more supply, more choices, and more leverage.  These towns have higher market times, and more motivated sellers.  Sellers should expect slower markets and should update their homes to appeal to buyers and watch prices carefully, as there are many competitors. Worcester and below are the softer towns.

3) This data is complied over time, so not all towns are snapshotted in the same time frame.




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