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Blue Pointer: Standard Condominium Complex

Green Pointer: Active Adult Community (Over 55+) Complex

Purple Pointer: Affordable, Income restricted Units At This Complex



Adams Farm

This luxury over 55 community (adult community) of approximately 90 units has some wonderful homes for the over 55 set. Prices have come down quite a bit and the units provide some great value at these prices. The construction and details will help provide resale protection in the years to come. They have gas heat, A/C and full two car garages.

Walnut Place

This 14 unit community might be small, but it has some some great units that are very convieninetly located. Some units were built in the 1980's, and haven't been updated yet, but the later, bigger units have very flexible floor plans and great space. They aren't the cheapest condos in Shrewsbury, but they are a great find. Units have Gas, A/C and 1 car garages..


Quinsigamond Shores

This 48 unit complex just South of White City Plaza has many units either on the water or with waterfront views. They are larger units with multiple floors, typically patios and 1 car garages as well. The fees can be high here, but with units this

large they are fairly typical, and if you're looking for slips or water access it should be on your list. Units were built in the late 80s, and some have had major improvements already. Prices vary, depending on how close to the water you are. City Water and City Sewer.



The Village at Orchard Meadows

This 114 Unit complex was built and finished in 2005. It's units are very modern, with 3 bedrooms, 2 car garages, A/C, Master bed/master Bath suites, and other amenities. Most units have basements too. It's an Active Adult Community, also called an over 55 complex. Fees are at or near $400/month for these 2000 sq foot units.


Minna Terrace

This 48 Unit complex may still have a few new construction units left.  The units at Minna Terrace are very modern, with 3 bedrooms, 2 car garages, A/C, Master bed/master Bath suites, and other amenities like fireplaces with gas.  It's another Active Adult Community in Shrewsbury. Fees are at or near $200/month for these 2000 sq. foot units, but expect that to rise sharply as they get older - that's much too low for units that are around 2000 sq. feet. Town Water and Town Sewer.


South Meadow

These units were built in 1986, and so they are a little older than some other complexes in town. They are great value, offering practical spaces between 1600-2000 square feet, multiple bedrooms, and a quiet area with all the convenience of being on the East side of Shrewsbury. Some units have had some updates, while some will still show the period in which they were built. A/c and 1 car garages are the norm. A good value for under 300K, some quite a bit under. City Water/City Sewer.




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