The Westborough Homes For Sale Market Report

Westborough checks in without too many changes to the last report - but declining inventory levels (homes for sale) are slowing down the transaction volume and putting a drag on the market. Not real news at this point, we're seeing this everywhere, but it's here too.

Can’t see the chart? You can find it Here .

The key note here is that sales in the last 3 months are less than the previous three months. Why? Nothing to buy. It doesn't seem to have impacted prices - yet - but with inventory so low, any buying pressure is going to result in big price moves.



What should active home buyers do in Westborough?

Make sure you've got a good handle on the valuation of homes in Westborough. You're going to see competitive bid situation in many price ranges this spring, and you'll need to know how much you'll be willing to pay. It's entirely possible that there could be a pull back this fall in prices - if rates start to move up - but maybe not, so it's hard to count on that. Prices often continue to move up until rates have risen substantially, and we haven't seen that.


What should potential home sellers do in Westborough?

The home sellers that are out there have raised their expectations. You should too! Prices are headed up. To find out how far you can push your price, give me a shout.




Westborough Houses For Sale and Sold Market Statistics - Raw MLS Data


  • Westborough‘s “Home Seller Index” (HSI): 156 Last Report: 153
  • There are 20 homes listed as For Sale.
  • There have been 80 houses sold in the last 6 months, and 32 homes sold in the last 3 months in Westborough.
  • The Average number of Days on Market was 60 days for just SOLD homes.
  • There is an Average Market Time of 125 days of the Westborough homes For Sale (currently for sale).
  • The amount that was paid in Dollars per Square Foot averaged $198 (vs. $200 in the last report)
  • Current sellers are looking for $222 /sq foot
  • There was an Average Sold Price of $442,689 for sold homes.
  • Westborough,MA, has 0 properties advertised as lender owned or foreclosure (typically foreclosure) .
  • There are 1 properties advertised as a short-sale is going to be needed by the lender.



*All statistics are for Single Family Houses and based on data in MLS. Matt’s HSI is proprietary, and is designed to offer town-by-town information, instead of large scale trends. (That means you won’t find it anywhere else. Take that, Case-Schilling!).


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