• Hudson has 50  homes (vs. 54 in last Hudson Home Sales report) listed as Active
  • Hudson had 57  houses sold (vs. 65) in the last 6 months, and 26  homes sold in the last 3 months
  • Hudson has an Average Market Time of 106 days (vs. 103) for SOLD  homes
  • Hudson has an Average Market Time of 158 days for ACTIVE homes
  • Hudson has an Average Sold Price of $ $326124 for sold homes


Question about the terms used here?  Check my Explanation for Massachusetts Home Statistics. All statistics are for Single Family Homes.


Analysis of Housing Market Statistics

Hudson, Massachusetts: With an average market time of solds clocking in at just over 100 days, the market for homes in Hudson continues to be strong for sellers, especially of entry level (sub 350K) property.  Recent sales activity has continued to taper off, but this has been offset by an similar reduction in active properties, resulting in a market that is still tightening for sellers.  The upper price ranges are moving quickly as well if priced right, with the top 12 homes showing active market time similar to the lower properties.  Buyers should be aware that Hudson is competitive, but has softened just a bit. 

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ALL REAL ESTATE IS LOCAL!  No matter if your town is HOT or COLD, a real estate agent who knows the market can help you position your home for sale. (That would be me.) For more detailed reporting on home selling, including breakdowns by price range,contact Matt Heisler of Heisler & Mattson directly!


Analysis of Housing Market Statistics


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Analysis of Housing Market Statistics

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