Analysis of Hudson Housing Market Statistics

We haven't look at Hudson since May, but things haven't changed much. A lot of inventory has turned over, and we see that the buyers have to work to get the right property, but overall there's balance in Hudson, all around. Look for Average Market Time in both categories to rise as we go through the fall, as it looks to me likes there's too much inventory on for the fall market, and not enough pending to bring it down to a tighter market. Sellers should be aware that price changes may be in order, as the market in Hudson is not as hot as it was last year.


Also note the short-sales are all gone - looks like some lenders finally cut their losses and made some deals. You have to wait around a long time for a short sale today, but buyers are saving money going this route.


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Hudson Housing Market Statistics - Raw Data



  • There are 77 homes (vs. 62 in the last Hudson Home Sales Report) listed as For Sale.
  • There have been 71 houses (vs. 61) sold in the last 6 months, and 46 homes (vs. 40) sold in the last 3 months.
  • There was an Average Market Time of 108 days (vs. 121) for just SOLD homes.
  • There is an Average Market Time of 115 days of the homes For Sale.
  • There was an Average Sold Price of $264,633 for sold homes.
  • Hudson has 2 properties (vs. 2) advertised as lender owned (typically foreclosure) .
  • Hudson has 1 properties advertised as short sales (vs. 7) required by lender .
  • Hudson “Hot Seller Index”:85 Last Report: 84



*All statistics are for Single Family Homes.


Read my Explanation for Massachusetts Home Data Reports.


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