Where the Imbalance is greatest for home buying in Metrowest

It has been a while since I've updated this chart, and boy how the numbers have grown.


Last year's post is here, but I'll put the two graphs next to each other here so people can see the difference.


First, this year's ranking:


And where we were about this time last year:



Things to note (in no particular order) between the two:


  • Natick and Framingham remain in the top 3, with Natick holding on to the number 1 spot.  Last year of course, Natick was at just 200, with Framingham close behind.  This year, Natick is over 300, while Framingham increased slightly to just over 200.  
  • Upton and Westborough made the largest leaps, Westborough was from 80, forth coolest market, to 171, which makes it the fifth hotest market. Upton jumped up from dead last to 6th.
  • Last year, the number of markets that were above 150 were only five - Shrewsbury, Hopkinton, Millis, Framingham and Natick.  This year, there are six, with three close behind in the 140's
  • Last year, there were 5 towns under 95- towns that were legitimately "neutral" or even seller's markets.  This year there only Northbridge is under 95 - at 92 - and that is only because there is so much new construction going on.  
  • The average HSI is 145, up from 128 in the last report.  But taking Natick and that number is less impressive.  Things are pretty close to where they were last year, but prices are higher (prices not shown in this chart.  Maybe next week!
  • Buyers should think about adding a town or two that is near the bottom of the pack to their search list - the best deals are likely available in these towns, at least for now!  Unlike last year, there are no "easy" towns to find a house in, but there are some that are not as hard.
  • To Show you how things have really changed, let's look at the first Home Selling Index Graph here, in 2012.  Only 3 towns had an HSI above 90, whereas this year they all do. Natick was the only town to post a score above 100.  Quite the change in two years.