Home Staging Tricks

We all know that getting the most for your properties involves getting it looking "right" for the market.  But what do we mean when we talk about that?  Well, for most of us, there is a difference between how we "live" in a house and how we "sell" a house.  Houses that are ready to sell are super clean, never messy and put together.  They also flow, and emanate a sense of completeness.  Sound daunting and difficult? Well, it can be! But there are levels.  Here are some quick (and some not so quick) ways to help you get your home staged. 

Co-ordinated Color Scheme

There is simply no substitute for paint.  Relatively inexpensive, paint has the benefits of freshening up a house, and cleaning it all at the same time.  In addition,


paint can be used to unify the palette of a home.  Over time, it's common for one room or several to "not match" - to not be co-coordinated with each other. Part of that is also furniture - your furniture may not match the last painting colors.  Rugs, artwork, towels - they all change over time.  Paint is great way to tie together all of those elements - and make sit feel great. 

Still not clear on what a palette is?  Check out this link from Potterybarn, which shows how a color ties a room together. Note the paint color matches something in the room - the floor, the furniture, or the artwork - and serves as a bridge to the same colors (and sometimes, but not necessarily) the same paint in the other room. 



Focal Point

Find the focal point in every room, and work the furniture around that.  What's a focal point? A focal point is where the eye is naturally drawn to in a room.  Fireplaces, mantles, bay windows, vaulted ceilings, they all can provide focal points.  They "center" the room visually, and pulling them together around this element is usually a big crowd pleaser.  Some rooms don't have an obvious focal point, but most do.  In the bedrooms, it is usually the beds.  Note in the picture, the room has two focal points, the fireplace and the TV under the vaulted ceiling.  Where is your eye drawn?  Mine is drawn to the TV, so that is likely the focal point of the room.


Trays are a great way to add color and some personality to any room. 

Take your typical home accessories (fruit bowls, candles, small plants, etc.) and put them on trays on tables, desks, and counters, to add color.  The benefit is that when the showing is over, you can just move the tray out of the way - and get your table or counter top back! 

Rule of 3

When adding life to those flat spaces, remember the rule of 3.  Add 3 things of different heights, and that's it.  Four starts to get crowded and cluttered.  Three always seems to work really well.


There's no substitute for a clean house when selling one.  Dollar for dollar, there's no better pay back either.  Remembering to clean all those hard to get to places and tcouching up the paint where it needs it will make your home fell like a hotel - and we all pay more to stay in hotels!  If it's been a while since you've deep cleaned, expect it to take a few passes - or hire out - it's a lot of work.  If you're looking for a check list to help you along, I have one here.

Laundry Basket Bingo

Looking for a way to clean up in a hurry? Grab a laundry basket and scoop everything up.  Backpacks, blankets, clothes, toys,  - anything hanging around.  Put the basket in the laundry room on top of the washer or dryer and you're set to head out. 

Floors instead of Rugs?  

Although some rugs really pull a space together, you can't go wrong with hardwood floors today.  Glossed up and ready to go, buyers are responding to these warm woods and clean surfaces that wood provides. 

Update light fixtures

Don't let a light fixture make a room feel old. Many light fixtures can be replaced for less than $25, and they can match each other throughout the house to give it a unified feel.

New Towels, bathmats

White always looks clean, and new white towels can do a lot to make a space feel fresh and clean.  The kids get to use them after you move of course! 

Master Bed Duvet Cover

Make sure your duvet is helping to pull the room together.  White is always a safe choice, but if you have something that will pull the room together there's a lot you can do with the master bed.  Master beds are often the focal point of the room, so don't forget this important piece of bedding.  Classing up the master with matching nightstands and lamps is an easy way to finish off this room.