Highest Home Prices in Metrowest


Any regular reader of this blog knows that I feel that in aggregate, $/sq foot is a much better metric to look at home expense than the more commonly used metric, median sales price. Median sales prices move around too much, and can hide more useful trends, especially in small towns with limited data sets.


One of the promises is that $/sq foot will be more consistent from chart to chart, so let's see if that holds up.


Here's the new chart:





And here's the old chart:




Notes about the data in the new Home Prices

The top five town in the new chart are: Medfield, Natick, Sudbury, Southborough and Hopkinton.  The top six in the old chart are Natick, Medfield, Sudbury, Southborough, Westborough and Hopkinton.  That's consistent.  The prices, of course, reflect the rising prices across the area, but it should be noted that the relative prices have stayed basically constant.  This is as it should be.  When the market is good, a rising tide lifts all boats - although not all at exactly the same time frame.


Looking at the bottom 5, we see the same consistency.  3 of the bottom 5 are the same: Clinton, Charlton, Worcester.  So that is a check in the "yes" column also.


If you want to read more about how to use this data, please look at the Q & A I did here, when I posted last years data.