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May 11, 2020

Board and Batten DIY Project

Board and Batten DIY Project Easy Trim Upgrade

There are lots of ways to do board and batten.  Board and Batten is a type of trim that is often found in dining rooms, on stairways, and in mudrooms.  It's not nearly as common as standard wainscoting, and ...

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Oct. 22, 2019

Fall Clean Up Check List

That chill in the air means Fall is here!  While most of us want to be outside to enjoy the crisp air and the lovely colors from nature, there are some things to do before Big Bad Winter comes a-knocking.  


Check Your Furnace

  • If you have oil ...
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Oct. 9, 2019

Is 2019 A good time to buy a house?

Is 2019 A good time to buy a house?

If you're wondering if 2019 is a good time to buy a house, this is the post for you!  Let's take a look at the the risks and possibilities going forward. 


Home Prices

With home prices ...

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Dec. 28, 2017

Should You Pre-Pay Your 2018 Property Taxes To Save Money Under the New Tax Laws?

Should you Pre-pay Your 2018 Property Taxes to Save Money

As most people have heard, there are big tax changes coming in 2018.  Here's a brief overview of the changes that affect property taxes.  Be advised, I'm not a licensed accountant, or tax advisor, and everyone ...

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Oct. 21, 2017

Home Staging Tricks For Getting your Home Ready to Sell

Home Staging Tricks

We all know that getting the most for your properties involves getting it looking "right" for the market.  But what do we mean when we talk about that?  Well, for most of us, there is a difference between how we "live" in a house and ...

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Sept. 24, 2017

Decluttering Your Home for a Future Sale

Decluttering Your Home for a Future Sale

As you get ready to sell your home, there are a couple of big projects that await you.  No, I'm not talking about replacing the carpet in the living room, and I'm not talking about the mismatched appliances that reside in ...

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Sept. 24, 2016

Signing Leases: Top 20 Things to Know

Here are some tips for both Landlords and Tenants. These are good tips for any state, except were noted as Massachusetts Only.


Top 10 Lease Tips for Landlords or Lessors

Landlords Need to Know

the Law.

  1. Know your lease!  You can get copies of standard lease forms everywhere.  But ...
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Sept. 6, 2016

Top 10 Things To Know About Condos

What you should Know Before Making an Offer on that Condominium.

Here's my top 10 list for what you should know when researching condos.

The fee isn't all bad! Here's what you might get:

I know, I know, everyone hates condo fees.  But much of the fee ...

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July 9, 2016

The Rise of the Heat Pump in Residential Homes, A/C and Heat all in one!

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a mechanical-compression cycle refrigeration system that can heat a controlled space, or be reversed and cool the same space. Typically, there are two components to a heat pump system: an indoor unit called an air handler (which circulates air in the ...

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June 24, 2016

MA Property Taxes:Tax Rates from Most to Least

Massachusetts Tax Rates from Most to Least-2015 Preliminary Rates, 2014 and 2013 actuals


Here's a link to the list alphabetically....


Here's a link to last years version of this list.


These rates are reposted from the Mass.gov websites.  They are sorted by Residential rate ...

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