I thought I'd update the bounce in price graph that I did a six months ago.


There some interesting things that we see when we look at the old chart and the new one back to back. Let's take a look!


Update Price Changes Since 2012


Old Report



Most Interesting Things to Note


  • Boylston remains at the top - but has slowed it's gain.  As noted in the last report, some of the Worcester Suburbs did the best because when I started the baseline for the report, they had done the worst.  As we go on, I expect them to fall back to the pack some what, but they got an awfully good jump on everyone.  
  • No more decreases: Everyone is even prices or better in the new report.
  • Most towns between 6-12% price growth since 2012.  Feels about right to me!
  • Framingham and Ashland have surged since the last report.  Ashland was behind in the data cycle, but it looks right now.
  • Holliston has a big surge: Much of this is driven by the new construction sales in Holliston, which have really moved up the numbers, but still, a sharp jump in prices for Holliston, which can't be explained by the Worcester Suburb theory!
  • Westborough still dragging.  There have been plenty of price pressures, but prices have moved only 3% in Westborough.  This makes no sense to me, but there it is.
  • Medfield has actually fallen back a bit, and is now in the middle of the pack.