If you've just read up on the smoke detector article, great.  If not, don't forget to read it as well.


The Carbon Monoxide compliance is a little easier than the smokes, or at least it can be.  Here's some tips.





  1. Remember, CO is heavier than air!  It tends to gravitate to the lower levels, and the floor as well.  Curiously, I have found that the law doesn't require the detectors to be near the floor, but if you're going to do the install, I think it certainly makes sense to do that.  Especially since:
  2. Figuring out where the CO detectors go can be hard to do in advance!  There are guidlines, but there have been situations where I thought the CO detectors were in a good spot, but the fcarbon monoxideImage via Wikipediaire department official felt that there were better locations.
  3. Given these items, it makes sense to purchase plug-in, wall mounted items.   There's two types of detectors for CO.  Ceiling or wall mountable (just like the smokes) and plug-in models.  Most of the plug in models have battery back-ups (which is good, because the chances of have a CO problem can go up after a power outage).  Plug-in models are great because there's no tools required for mounting, they can be moved to a place of the inspectors choosing, during the inspection, which could save you lots of time.As noted, they are also typically close to the floor, as that's where most outlets tend to be. 
  4. Make sure you have at least one detector on every floor. This is typically required.
  5. Make sure no bedrooms are too far way from the detectors. They are to protect folks while they are sleeping, and since we are closer to the floor at that time, that's where they can do the most good.
  6. Make sure the oil or gas burner in your home is close to a detector.  This one is the most important, as these are the systems that are capable of producing CO in the first place.
  7. When in doubt, Ask.  Just as before,. the real experts are your fire professionals.  Make sure you ask any detailed questions to them, if you feel your house has unusual circumstances.

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