Ashland Condo Market

Ashland has a big condo market - one of the biggest in Metrowest - so I keep an eye on it, as it really tells us a lot about the real estate cycle and about condo and single family price trends.  When condos are doing well, it tells us we are in a mature cycle, well off the lows, and that people are having trouble finding single family houses that they like in their price range.  Prices can move up fast, and they have been.  Here: 

The green line shows that since July of 2014, prices are up 13% for this segment of the market.  Prices have finally achieve the levels last seen in 2005 in fact, after almost a decade of falling lower and then climbing their way back.  That 's not great news for Home Buyers, but it is for Condo sellers.  Here's some more good news.


The number of actives is still really small compared to the number of transactions.  With a HSI at 300+ - for over a year - condo prices will continue to climb.  In fact, the number of active properties is quite misleading, as most of the active condos are all in an over 55 community and very few re-sales are available.  If you have a condo in Ashland, you can be very aggressive on price - and it will probably sell.


Raw Home Sale Data

Ashland has 20 condos listed as For Sale

Ashland had 125 condominium sales  in the last 6 months, and 77 condominium sales last 3 months

Ashland has an Average Market Time of 23 days for SOLD condominium properties

Ashland has an Average Market Time of 49 days for For Sale condominiums properties

There is an Average sold price per square foot of $187 in Ashland vs. 176 a year ago.

Ashland has an Average Sold Price of $335,059 for sold condo properties

Featured Condo Complexes

Condos of Metrowest Summary - All in one Place! In Ashland can be found here! Currently there are over 70 complexes profiled in Metrowest, and this number is growing weekly!

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Single Families

If you'd like to see the statistics for Single Family Homes for this town and much more please see Metrowest Real Estate Trends and Information: For more detailed reporting, including breakdowns by price range, contact Matt Heisler of Heisler & Mattson directly!

What do these staistics mean?

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