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Bigelow Farms

Bigelow Farms is a 41 unit complex that is still under development.  Available to those 55 and over, this complex features units that are typically two beds, two to three baths, with about 2000 sq feet, and some units have fully finished basements that can add up to 800 square feet.  They have garages, A/C, and are furnished with modern amenities.  They are typically priced in the 450-550's (2013

Lawrence Falls

This complex is 30 units off of Whitney Street in Northborough. There are many different types of units and prices here, you'll need to ask about what's up and what will be built. Overall, the feature sheet looks pretty robust, with solid countertops, cathedrals, air and garages. Prices are 450 and up, and the complex will soon be sold out.

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Blue Pointer: Standard Condominium Complex

Green Pointer: Active Adult Community (Over 55+) Complex

Purple Pointer: Affordable, Income restricted Units At This Complex

Dunia Gardens

This new complex has 7 "affordable" units out of the 28 units scheduled as part of its structure. Income limits apply, but you can ask me for details. These units have two car garages and a vertical townhouse style, with several living areas. They do have A/C and good space (@2100) at the price - sub 400K.

Pheasant Hill

This complex is completed and is 48 units. It is an active adult community. The units are one level and reasonably well appointed, the complex itself is more of an appartment complex feel, with all the units attached to each other, several stories to each unit. Units are round 1800 square feet. Just one garage space with most of these units at these complex, reasonably priced in around 350K. Fees are moderate, in the mid 300's. It does have city water, but private sewerage.


Sunnyside Estates

This complex is completed and is 16 units. Built in 2004, these units have modern amenities but do have vertical floor plans - generally three story townhouses. They sell from 350-400 depending on condition (2013) Garages, Central Air, and reasonable fees are all part of the package. It does have city water, town sewerage, and gas heat.

Church Street Village

This complex is 40 units with 10 affordable, or under market units. Again, note, Income limits based on family size apply to affordable units! There are many other rules and regulations with affordables, so check it to it! 1 Car garages and 1500 square feet make a practical choice, and with prices around $300,000-350,000 (2013), these two bedrooms are practical. The units are all under construction. I 290 Noise will be noticeable at this location. Town water, propane gas, and private sewer.

Winn Terrace

This complex is only 12 units. Built in early 2000's they have remarkably efficient floor plans and will appeal to buyers who can't stretch for a single family home. 2 car garages and spacious master bathrooms make the units fairly luxurious, and sell quickly. Town water and city sewer, oil heat.

Westbrook Village

This complex is only 12 units. Built in 2012 and 2013 they are well finished and will sell well, despite their smaller size. 1 car garages and spacious master bathrooms make the units fairly luxurious. Selling in the low 300's. (2013) Town water and city sewer, propane heat. 

The Pines at Solomon Pond

This complex is only 5 units. Built in 2004, their condition is generally good. One car garages and limited parking - plus just two bedrooms - keep the prices down in the 350's (2013). Gas, town water and town sewer.

Birchwood Adult Community

This complex is a surprising 132 units, tucked away just off the center of town. Built in the mid 1990, their main appeal is many have one-level living at a good price. Many ammenities here, to limit yard work and such, but it feels more like a neighborhood and less like an adult community. Oil, town water and town sewer. Prices vary with house style and condition, low 200's to 350's. (2013)


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