Framingham, MA Housing Market Statistics Overview


A quick look at the statistics produces a yawn - nothing much to see here. Framingham remains very good for sellers. But a look at the last couple weeks activity shows over 40 homes going into pending, including a big chunk of homes that have been on the market for a year or more. When the laggards are being bought, that means things are jumping. Expect the next report to have a monster HSI number for Framingham - I'll be shocked if it doesn't shoot well above 100. We should definitely see a reverse of the slight slide in $/sq foot as well - that data hasn't trickled through yet.  Sellers - Buyers are looking for you homes now! Better get out there while the getting is good. Buyers, be aggressive. Know what you want and get out there quickly - the best ones aren't sticking around.



Foreclosures are basically flat, and short-sales are too - no real change there.  It will be interesting to see if they move significantly at the end of the spring.



Framingham, MA Housing Market Statistics - Raw MLS Data




Blooming Purple Flowers

Flowers and Home Buyers are in Bloom in Framingham

  • There are 174 homes (vs. 143 in the last Framingham Home Sales Report) listed as For Sale.
  • There have been 240 houses sold (vs. 242) in the last 6 months, and 144 homes sold (vs. 123) in the last 3 months.
  • There was an Average Market Time of 115 days for just SOLD homes.
  • There is an Average Market Time of 126 days of the homes For Sale.
  • The Dollars paid per Square Foot in Framingham, MA is $171 (vs. $177) 
  • There was an Average Sold Price of $306,376 for sold homes.
  • Framingham, MA has 6 properties (vs. 5) advertised as lender owned/foreclosure (typically foreclosure) .
  • Framingham, MA has 19 properties (vs. 21) advertised as short sale is going to be needed by lender .
  • Framingham, MA “Hot Seller Index” (HSI): 94 Last Report: 100



*All statistics are for Single Family Houses and based on data in MLS.


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